IBM Global Security Kit (GSKit) Encryption Libraries: Encryption Key Storage with SafeNet Enterprise HSM

GSKit provides libraries and utilities for SSL communication, enabling organizations to add encryption protection to over 200 IBM applications, including the IBM WebSphere Suite and IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM). Businesses stand to lose substantially – both in revenue and reputation – when there is a breach of online channels they use for communication, transactions, and applications. SSL encryption secures these web based communications and services. SafeNet Enterprise HSM (formerly Luna SA) stores SSL certificates in a tamper-proof hardware security module to serve as a reliable root of trust for network cryptographic operations. 

 Additionally, SafeNet Enterprise HSM offloads SSL operations from general-use servers, stores them within the hardware appliance for added security, and improves server performance. It can also provide true random number generation and streamline key administration by performing both symmetric and asymmetric key functions on a single platform. Together, IBM and Gemalto optimize the security and performance of online communications and transactions.

Resources and Additional Information

IBM GSKit and SafeNet Enterprise HSM flier

SafeNet Enterprise HSM and IBM WebSEAL Solution Brief