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SafeNet Redefines the Art of Software Monetization With Cloud-Based Approach to On-Premise Software Licensing and Management

Sentinel® Cloud revolutionizes the software monetization industry by providing the virtualization-proof, packaging, usage tracking, and real-time management benefits of a cloud connected licensing experience for on-premise software

June 26, 2013

SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in software monetization, today announced the extension of Sentinel Cloud, the company’s award-winning software licensing and entitlement management service, to support applications delivered on premise. This enhancement enables software publishers to leverage cloud-based, user-centric licensing, management and reporting techniques to monetize on-premise and hybrid software portfolios for the first time. This technology advancement will allow software publishers to redefine their business models and gain unparalleled insight into how products are being used in order to improve the end-user experience and reduce expenses.   

"The software industry is rapidly making its way to the cloud. This not only impacts how software applications are expected to be delivered , but dramatically changes how enterprise and consumer end users alike expect software to be packaged, controlled, and maintained," said Amy Konary, Research VP, Software Licensing and Provisioning, IDC. "For example, software usage is being increasingly associated with users as opposed to devices, consumption-based business models are the growing preference, and vendor-customer transparency is a must. These three things alone present a tremendous challenge for vendors leveraging traditional software pricing and licensing technologies."    

Adoption of SafeNet’s cloud-based approach to software monetization for all products regardless of whether they are being delivered as a service or for installation on premise will allow software publishers to:    

Support Usage-Based Pricing Introduce consumption-based business models to win new business and stay competitive for on-premise and cloud-based applications.

License Users, Not Hardware Associate licenses and entitlements with users as opposed to machines for greater end-user mobility resulting in a better user experience.

Take Control – Enjoy real-time remote control over licenses to improve customer support capabilities and accelerate marketing and sales activities.

Get Smarter – Exploit detailed feature- and product-level usage tracking information to drive product and business decision-making processes.

Embrace Virtualization – Deploy software within completely virtualized environments without any fear of duplication or misuse.

Reduce IT Dependencies – Eliminate the need to install and manage license servers locally to remove IT costs and shorten implementation timelines.    

"Analysts all agree that, for the next three to five years, hybrid product portfolios are going to dominate the software industry. This means that the lines are going to have to blur between on-premise and cloud licensing experiences as we know them today," said Shlomo Weiss, Vice President of Cloud Services, SafeNet. "Software publishers are going to be expected to deliver a cloud-like user experience for on-premise applications, and they are going to be reliant on their vendors to make management of hybrid portfolios as easy as possible. Sentinel Cloud does just that—it brings next-generation, cloud-based licensing techniques to on-premise software and simplifies hybrid software portfolio management."    

Sentinel Cloud revolutionizes how the software industry is able to do business, allowing software publishers to achieve a usage-based, data-rich, IT-free, completely transparent software monetization experience. For more information or for a free trial, visit

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Sentinel is a registered trademark or trademark of SafeNet in the U.S. and certain other jurisdictions.

SafeNet at Cloud World Forum 2013

The SafeNet Software Monetization team will be on site at the 5thAnnual Cloud World Forum. Visitors to the stand can enter a drawing to win a Raspberry Pi computer. SafeNet will be demonstrating its Sentinel Cloud software using Raspberry Pi especially for the Cloud World Forum. Shlomo Weiss, Vice President of Cloud Services, SafeNet, will also be presenting "Getting to Pay-Per-Use Nirvana – Charging Customers for What They Actually Use" in the Strategy Theatre at 3:10 p.m. on Thursday, June 27th.

SafeNet Software Monetization Solutions

The company’s family of Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions is designed to meet the unique license enablement, enforcement, and management requirements of any organization, regardless of size, technical requirements, or organizational structure. Only with SafeNet are software publishers able to address each and every aspect of the software monetization lifecycle – from software packaging, software delivery, and ongoing catalog management to copy and intellectual property protection, and end-user experience improvement.    

SafeNet is believed to be the only vendor to offer cloud-based software licensing and entitlement management solutions in addition to traditional offerings for installation on premise. This, paired with the ability to enforce licenses and track entitlement and usage data via hardware tokens, software keys, or cloud services, makes SafeNet a premier software monetization partner for ISVs, regardless of how their software is being delivered—physically, electronically, embedded within a device, via the cloud, or as a mixed portfolio.

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